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Preston Township Homecoming 2019

Honouring the African Nova Scotian communities of
East Preston, North Preston & Lake Loon/Cherry Brook

A strong history

North Preston, East Preston, Lake Loon and Cherry Brook make up the largest Black communities in the province of Nova Scotia. Steeped in a remarkable history of resilience, dedication, spirituality, the people in these communities have contributed to every fabric that has gone into building the province and the country down through the ages.

With a population now of over 5000, the people of African ancestry were settled in an area known as the Preston Township. From these original settlements came the 3 historic Black communities of East Preston, North Preston and Lake Loon Cherry Brook (Lake Loon and Cherry Brook are considered one community). People from the Preston communities are the descendants of African people who have been here in the province since 1600s. The major migration periods include the Black Loyalists (1782 & 1784); Jamaican Maroons (1796); and Black Refugees (1812 – 1815).

Our goal

The goal of the Preston Township Homecoming 2019 event is to honour the achievements that have been made and continue to be made by people from the Preston area and to bring to the forefront how their contributions have influenced the development of the communities over the years.

Many activities will be held to celebrate the culture, heritage and history of the 3 Black communities as we recreate the bonds that use to hold us together from the time of our arrival and over many hundreds of generations.

This year can be viewed as one of great significance for people of African ancestry. It was 400 years ago in August 1619 that the first people of African ancestry landed in Jamestown, Virginia, U.S.A. History shows that the majority of Black Nova Scotians came to this province from Virginia during different migration periods. Furthermore, this decade has been declared by the United Nations to be the International Decade for People of African Descent embracing the three pillars of Recognition, Justice and Development.

The Preston Township Homecoming will pay tribute to the ancestors who paved the way for so many others to succeed and will provide an opportunity to showcase talents, skills, careers of so many more through a host of activities involving youth, seniors and multi-generations to inspire, educate, and foremost, to create a lasting legacy.

Preston Township Homecoming
Planning Committee and Executive

Rev. Dr. Joyce Ross, Chairperson
Rosella Fraser, Vice Chairperson
Janet Sparks, Treasurer
Regina James, Secretary

Organizational Partners
Russell Grosse – Black Cultural Centre
Rosella Fraser – North Preston Recreation Centre
Charles Taylor – East Preston Rate Payers Assoc.
Sherry Bernard – Lake Loon / Cherry Brook Dev. Assoc.
Veronica Marsman – Akoma

Resource Members
Calvin Gough
Wanda Taylor
Wayn Hamilton
Rebekah Skeete

Community Representatives

East Preston
Kevin Brooks
Spencer Colley
Regina James
Darren Riley

North Preston
Rev. Wallace Smith
Viola Cain
Blaine Thompson
Joe Colley
Rev. Wayne Desmond

Lake Loon/Cherry Brook
Sherry Bernard
Alma Johnston-Tynes
Janet Sparks
Howard Riley


Yvonne Atwell – Project Coordinator
Ivan Wyse – Community Coordinator
Denise Allen – Community Coordinator